Sports Vision

Our experience in sports optometry is unrivaled. Over the past decade here at Eyeman Optometrists, we’ve assisted over 3500 elite athletes and officials across all sports in Australia to see and perform better. Whether you are playing professionally or as an amateur, we can get your eyes as fit as your body, and help you play at your best.

Here’s how it works. We’ve worked with leading scientists to establish that sports players perform dramatically better when they have strong depth perception, an awareness of their dominant eye, and clear peripheral and central vision. All of these things have a profound effect on your hand-eye coordination and how you make decisions while you play you sport.

How we’ll help. Every athlete is different so is every treatment we offer at Eyeman Optometrists. We have fantastic onsite sport facilities at our Newstead practice where we can do drills specific to your sport and see where you need help. Then we can combine different therapies to provide you with tangibly improved vision. It’s not always just about prescriptions and contact lenses — in our experience, sports players get the best results when they spend time with our dedicated sports optometrists learning how to use their eyes and how to never lose sight of the ball. Click here for more information.

We’ve still got you covered. Consultations regarding sports optometry are eligible for Medicare bulk-billing and insurance plans such as Bupa, Medibank, Private Health and ahm.

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