What we do

We're here to offer solutions to your vision needs.
Whether you are 5 or 95, we'll do our best to find the right solution for you.
Sports Vision

To play at your best, your eyes need to be as fit as your body.

We have assisted over 3500 elite athletes and officials across all sports in Australia to see and perform better.

Kids Optometry

Good vision and eye coordination is essential to effective learning.

We know how to help with vision training exercises, glasses, contact lenses and other therapies.


We supply stylish frames and sunglasses from brands we trust.

We also provide comprehensive eye examinations using the latest technology so you can be ensured of quality, reliability and affordability.

Contact Lenses

We can help you choose the right contact lenses for your lifestyle.

From the latest disposable designs and multifocal contact lenses to individually customised orthokeratology, we’ll find the best fit for you.

To understand how the eyes work, it's important to know about their structure and the different conditions and diseases that can interfere with vision.


Optometrist & Director
Patrick is a qualified optometrist specialising in sports optometry, kids vision, contact lenses and orthokeratology. He is Australia’s leading sports optometrist, having assisted over 3500 elite athletes and officials across all sports, both in Australia and overseas.

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